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The RCI Directory

From the UK's leading roofing, cladding and insulation journal, RCI comes the annual industry directory. As a result of years of ongoing research and investment the RCI Directory has become the 'bible' for the industry, providing the most up to date company, products and trade name listings with main addresses, branches, sources, technical notes and industry editorial. This is widely acclaimed to be the best used annual for the industry.

The RCI Directory is published annually every January.

Display Ad Rates

Full Page£1075
Half Page£640
Quarter Page£355
Front Cover£1950
Back Cover£1550
Inside Front Cover£1450
Inside Back Cover£1200

Mechanical Data

DPS* Type Area265mm x 394mm
DPS* Trim Size297mm x 420mm
DPS* Bleed Size303mm x 426mm
Full Page Type Area265mm x 190mm
Full Page Trim Size297mm x 210mm
Full Page Bleed Size303mm x 216mm
Half Page Vertical Type Area265mm x 90mm
Half Page Vertical Trim Size297mm x 100mm
Half Page Vertical Bleed Size303mm x 103mm
Half Page Horizontal Type Area124mm x 190mm
Half Page Horizontal Trim Size145mm x 210mm
Half Page Horizontal Bleed Size148mm x 216mm
Quarter Page Vertical124mm x 90mm
Quarter Page Horizontal66mm x 190mm

Copy Requirements

Mac formatted, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, EPS, Tiff or JPEG at 300dpi. PDF files saved as high-resolution CMYK with fonts embedded.

Adverts can be supplied via Email, FTP or CD, please call for FTP details.

Important DPS* information: DPS to be supplied as a single PDF (ie. NOT 2 separate pages) with 6mm gutter loss allowance/double image (3mm per page) - this allowance should be on the spine edge, within the trim width.

Important matter should avoid the gutter loss area.





RCI Directory


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